B Arch, UTS. Reg Arch NSW 6335 Vic 6492

Our family moved onto a farm when I was seven and my father gave an axe and a pocket knife to my brother and me. With these tools we made everything – from flying foxes, to tree houses and billy carts.I grew up in rural Victoria and Melbourne, and completed high school in Sydney. Then I studied at Hawkesbury Agricultural College before starting architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney. I believe my rural background has allowed me to think resourcefully, and my love of architecture as a language comes from my time spent in Melbourne.

I’m particularly inspired by the pragmatic reputation of the late Brisbane Architect Robin Dods who didn’t just design – he got projects completed.

I take this pragmatic flexibility into my life and my work. This is why I founded MBA – to implement successful processes learned at Stephenson & Turner, and Michael Suttor Architects; processes that lead to tangible outcomes.