Assoc Dip Business Management, Dip Interior Design

I’ve always enjoyed working with colour and light, and have a particular love of fabrics, pattern and texture. I believe we all deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Fabric, form and function can have a huge impact on our mood. A sunny day fills us with happiness and a beautiful interior can have the same effect. This is why I’m passionate about the interior of any building, and the aesthetic choices that lead to its creation. Every interior is a mirror to the personality, people or brand that inhabits the building within which it sits.

I’ve developed this passion at MBA, which I joined in 2003. Since that time, I have applied my knowledge of interiors and design through my close associations with the rest of the team.

I bring a creative energy to our clients’ interior projects, and I derive enormous satisfaction from providing interior decoration services to our commercial and residential clients.