Project Management

Established in 1998, Michael Bell Architects provides architectural services, project management and interior design services to clients in both town and country areas. We work with many different types of buildings from regional farmhouses, to city terraces and apartments, to seaside cottages. We are inspired by classical architecture, frequently working with heritage listed homes, updating them to suit today’s lifestyles and our individual client’s tastes. We create bespoke spaces using custom joinery and quality finishes, ensuring a building that will stand the test of time.

A successful project is the result of bringing together the best in all fields. We introduce our clients to builders who have the best practices, access to the best tradesmen, and see the project through to a successful completion every time. We work actively with prominent Interior Designers wherever possible, ensuring a very high standard of finish to our buildings. Alternatively our in house interior design service assists clients to budget appropriately so that not only is there a wonderful building at the end, but it is also beautifully furnished and ready to be enjoyed.

Most of us get one chance to build. Make it useful for those who follow.