Traditional Homestead, Warren

Our clients from Warren in north western NSW are a young farming family that were in need of a sanctuary after long dusty working days; one also able to accommodate the demands of raising 4 small children. The new homestead replaces the original dwelling that had served 5 generations of the family until it succumbed to the eventual failure of the site made bricks.

With so many of the extended family having memories of the original homestead it was important to the owners that the new homestead matched or bettered the original. Family visits since completion appear to have passed the test as the new house accommodates large family gatherings where people have come from long distances.

The land in the region is extremely flat and prone to flooding, so building the land up is key to ensuring the house avoids inundation and visually has a base.  In this area of the Macquarie River catchment it is common to find billabongs that are known locally as cowells or cowals, a term that may be Aboriginal in origin according to the Oxford dictionary. The private verandah of the homestead overlooks a cowell which provides some very welcome relief in the hotter months both visually and recreationally.

We like to provide home design with a range of comfortable, practical living spaces that work both together and separately as required. Large butler’s pantries, mudrooms, cool rooms, spacious kitchen design, luxury bathrooms and outdoor living spaces. Proportionally we like to have high ceilings with well proportioned doors and windows that keep the air flowing and the insects out.

The homestead and garden are necessarily separate to the working part of the farm, so when the working day is over the farmer and family can escape the working environment in the same way the rest of the community can.

Builder: Blake Derret Constructions                                Ph: 0402 767 675