Michael Bell

B Arch, UTS. Reg Arch NSW 6335 Vic 6492

Our family moved onto a farm when I was seven and my father gave an axe and a pocket knife to my brother and me. With these tools we made everything – from flying foxes, to tree houses and billy carts.I grew up in rural Victoria and Melbourne, and completed high school in Sydney. Then I studied at Hawkesbury Agricultural College before starting architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney. I believe my rural background has allowed me to think resourcefully, and my love of architecture as a language comes from my time spent in Melbourne.

I’m particularly inspired by the pragmatic reputation of the late Brisbane Architect Robin Dods who didn’t just design – he got projects completed.

I take this pragmatic flexibility into my life and my work. This is why I founded MBA – to implement successful processes learned at Stephenson & Turner, and Michael Suttor Architects; processes that lead to tangible outcomes.

Assoc Dip Business Management, Dip Interior Design

I’ve always enjoyed working with colour and light, and have a particular love of fabrics, pattern and texture. I believe we all deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Fabric, form and function can have a huge impact on our mood. A sunny day fills us with happiness and a beautiful interior can have the same effect. This is why I’m passionate about the interior of any building, and the aesthetic choices that lead to its creation. Every interior is a mirror to the personality, people or brand that inhabits the building within which it sits.

I’ve developed this passion at MBA, which I joined in 2003. Since that time, I have applied my knowledge of interiors and design through my close associations with the rest of the team.

I bring a creative energy to our clients’ interior projects, and I derive enormous satisfaction from providing interior decoration services to our commercial and residential clients.

Master of Construction Project Management, UNSW Sydney, Master of Building Design & Construction, CTU Prague.

Pavel’s extensive experience and skills have been gained over many years working in the UK, Europe and Australia. He has worked in large and small firms in team leadership positions, ensuring that projects are managed successfully to completion.

Pavel initially gained a Masters in Building Design and Construction in Prague, where his final two years focused on building regeneration and refurbishment; key to much of what we do at MBA. His work experience in Europe then led him to the UK where he worked on major residential developments, before he went on to spend several years designing, detailing and project managing bespoke glazed joinery, in conjunction with extensive building alterations….the high end of the classic British conservatory addition to traditional residences.

He also spent several years working on a Scottish baronial style residence (akin to a castle) where he designed and detailed stonework, turrets, staircases, fireplaces, plaster ceilings, decorative metalwork, furniture, built in joinery, and even flambeau!

In Australia Pavel has further honed his design, documentation and project management skills at several firms as well as achieving a Masters degree at UNSW.

Pavel is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys travelling with family back to Europe to see friends and relatives and around the region.

B Arch, Sofia, M Arch, Sofia

Natzib brings over twenty five years of experience on a variety of projects in both public and private sectors, from luxury residential, multi-unit residential and industrial to interior design of theatres, cinemas, and commercial buildings to rebuilding and reconstruction. Through this exposure to different project types, Natzib has an understanding and appreciation for the level of detail required at Michael Bell Architects.

Natzib’s early life and education was in Afghanistan before relocating to Bulgaria where he completed his Bachelor of Architecture and then Masters degree. Natzib subsequently settled in Greece where he was able to work on a wide range of projects from concept to construction, initially assisting lead architects and then leading his own team. There, he also utilised his skills in hand rendering and colouring of design presentations for clients. Eventually Natzib moved to Australia where is has continued to further his career.

An amazing 6 languages are part of Natzib’s repertoire; English, Greek, Bulgarian, Dari, Pashto and Persian.

Natzib makes a significant contribution to the ongoing success of Michael Bell Architects. He has recently become an Australian citizen, and loves to return to Europe whenever possible to visit friends and family.