Michael Bell crafts classic buildings that embrace quality and beauty.

Establishing Michael Bell Architects in 1998 shortly after earning a degree in architecture from UTS Sydney, Michael’s vision has been to create timeless, comfortable homes that age gracefully.

Michael builds strong and trusted relationships, setting the foundations with research and an understanding of the lifestyle needs of his clients. He creates bespoke spaces, carefully incorporating individual client tastes with custom joinery and quality finishes, whilst focussing on comfort and longevity. Completed projects are valuable; a family treasure. They are intended to be appreciated by generations to come.

An empathy for classical and traditional vernacular architecture continues to drive Michael’s passion for historical buildings including those which are heritage listed. Michael subscribes to the importance of properly proportioned structures and details. He believes historical buildings should be preserved and their lifespans extended; which usually incorporates re-establishing relevance to accommodate lifestyles of today.

Michael welcomes working with Interior Decorators and Designers and sees this as an opportunity to collaborate and extend project possibilities, with stunning results.

He also carefully addresses outdoor space, often with the early involvement of landscape designers, ensuring buildings sit comfortably within their landscape and that gardens are enticing and purposeful.

Michael’s commitment to excellence was recognised by the National Trust in 2017, through the Continuing Tradition Award.