Northern Beaches Residence

Originally built in the 1940’s by the owner’s parents, this house was a one owner home.

The client requested the renovation of several rooms within this large home, restoring the art deco glamour which had been removed to some extent in the 1970’s. Starting in the bathroom, marble and mirrors complement a rare glass vanity cabinet. The dressing room has new robes with round shoulders and ebonised inlays picking up ocean liner motifs. Chrome handles were custom to the project and are now available from Top Brass. The mirrored doors reflect interesting angles of the garden. Access to the original cellar was via a tiny trapdoor and steep ladder, and not in keeping with the comfort of the rest of the house. A stair was added with a larger electric trapdoor providing the opportunity for a luxurious refit to the entire cellar.

Interiors: Michael Love Interior Design Ph: 02) 9327 8383