Victorian Heritage Townhouse, Bondi

This existing house was in the perfect location for our clients’ East/ Inner city lifestyle. Due to the jumbled and ‘tacked on’ nature of previous extensions the maximum number of people they could entertain was only eight.

We remade their home so that they could park two cars (instead of one) and could entertain 100 people and swim 2 kilometres in their new pool, fitted with swim jets.

A large portion of the facade was restored with the help of archive photos. The front rooms remain largely unchanged, however the rear of the property has been completely remodelled. A large living room / kitchen opens to a replanned garden. On the first floor a new master bedroom with plenty of discrete wardrobe space, coffered ceiling and juliet balcony.  All new work relates seamlessly within the language of the original house. We love finding efficient ways to enhance every corner of our clients’ homes. In this case the cupboard under the stair was converted to a surprisingly spacious powder room and the butler’s pantry off the kitchen.

The client was thrilled that their project received special mention in the Waverley Council Heritage Awards.

Builder: Shaun Conaglen – Jetcharm  Ph: (02) 9976 0588