About us

We use classic forms and details because that approach has the benefit of time, therefore is instinctively beautiful. We go beyond aesthetics, ensuring that our designs are functional for modern living. Our nostalgic approach results in a composition that feels established. Our clients are more likely to see themselves in an established setting.

How we have evolved

MBA was founded in 1998 to serve clients from the eastern and northern suburbs of Sydney. After many alterations and additions to beautiful old homes and local heritage items, Michael developed a style based on European classicism but with an Australian relevance.

Then came several projects with large horse studs, and the MBA country homestead aesthetic evolved. They’re iconic: large iron roofs, big verandahs, French doors and classic detailing. Amazingly beautiful with abundant country proportions.

Today we enjoy serving clients with both city and country projects. Mostly residential, sometimes commercial, but always grounded in classic style and always beautiful.

In my entire life I never dreamed I would have a home like I do now. The difference that (Michael Bell Architects) have made to my functionality is unbelievable. When you live at work, it can be difficult to switch off. But now I can go into the house and … I feel such a sense of refuge and distance from the business. It’s still right there on the doorstep, but it feels much more removed.


Horse stud owner

Our process is all about you.

Michael Bell Architects offers full architectural services from concept design, design development, council approval and preparation of the building contract, all the way through contract administration (often referred to as project management), to the day you are handed the key to your new home and beyond. We are there to ensure that your project is built in a timely manner, to the highest building standards, utilising products of the best quality, so that you can relax knowing that your project is in the very best hands.


We listen

At the start of every project, we take time to get to know our clients. To understand what is really important to you and how you imagine life in your new home. Throughout the project, you will have lots of questions and ideas you will want to pursue, and we keep listening for ways to improve the outcome.


We collaborate

The idea to build begins with our client, and through our long-standing associations with consultants, builders, craftspeople, interior designers as well and landscape designers we bring your idea to life. Our approach brings a team of the most talented people together. We work collaboratively to ensure that all opportunities are explored from the outset, for the most cohesive and beautiful design outcome. One that delivers an exceptional quality of life. The architectural identity of a house is determined by how the site is handled. Done well, there’s a seamless integration, a feeling that it’s always been there. We like to know how you want to furnish your home before we start, and we build the home around this identity.

When architecture, landscape, and decoration work in harmony, a house becomes a home, and a truly great place to live.


The outcome

Many past clients have returned to undertake a second and even third project with us. This is the greatest compliment, and one that we consider a true mark of our ongoing success. When you engage MBA for your project, you can have confidence in receiving exceptional design and a dedicated, skilled, and professional team, all overseen by the watchful guidance of Michael Bell. Ultimately, what defines an exceptional classic home is its ability to provide a genuine sense of belonging—a space that paves the way for new memories, whether in the grand events or the everyday moments of life.


Valuing discretion

Privacy is a significant commodity, especially for those with public personas. We prioritize discretion, respecting our clients' wishes regarding photography and publicity.While some like to have a photographic record of the work when it is complete, we find that many prefer not to. We create these homes for our clients, not the public. We never publish anything without careful consultation, and only if our client is keen for this to happen.  We take pride in maintaining the confidentiality and identity of our clients.


Luanja, Woodhill Mountain.

National Trust NSW Winner for “Continuing Tradition”

Wagga Wagga Homestead

National Trust NSW Highly Commended for “Continuing Tradition”

Bondi Junction Townhouse

Shortlisted in Waverley Council Heritage Awards

Clarence St Childcare Centre