Architects Country NSW

At MBA, we understand the significance of traveling the distance to collaborate with the right clients. Our commitment extends beyond city limits as we travel long distances into the country to partner with those who share our dedication to exceptional architectural craftsmanship. Regardless of the location, our dedication to creating timeless structures remains unwavering.

Crafting Timeless Country Residences

The allure of a cherished country home is undeniable. It's a haven of warmth and comfort, where the day's toils are washed away upon stepping into the mudroom. Our classic designs embody the quintessential Australian country aesthetic, delivering homes that not only fulfill the functional needs of a working farmhouse but also reflect the owner's esteemed position within the community.

Elevating Country Living Experiences

The essence of Australian country living is encapsulated in moments spent on expansive verandahs as the sun sets, offering tranquil views of the surrounding landscape. Our designs open up spaces to the outdoors, framing picturesque vistas and fostering a sense of connection with nature. From kitchens as the heart of the home to generous living areas and thoughtfully positioned amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts, we collaborate with landscape architects to curate an oasis for your ideal country lifestyle.

Signature Classic Designs for Country NSW

Each of our designs narrates a story of sophistication and personality, seamlessly blending classic elegance with modern functionality. From farm layouts to vast country estates, we curate homes that exude comfort, impeccable proportions, and timeless allure. Explore some of our projects:

Exemplary Design Process Tailored for Country NSW

Life in the Australian countryside demands resilience and foresight. Our designs prioritize safety, integrating bushfire regulations as well as ample storage solutions such as cool rooms and pantries that will go the distance if you are isolated for a period of time. Orienting homes for optimal views and climate control, we embrace passive heating and cooling strategies. These considerations are woven into our homestead designs, cocooning you in warmth during winter and offering respite in the heat of summer.

MBA's Influence on Country NSW's Architectural Heritage

Preserving architectural heritage is intrinsic to our ethos. We rejuvenate and reimagine heritage buildings for contemporary living, offering counsel on restoration and extensions. We analyse each property intricately, understanding current and future living needs to guide decisions regarding restoration or new constructions. Explore our heritage projects: