Architecture for the Equine Industry

We have had the privilege of working with some of the most successful and respected bloodstock and breeding operations in the world, who have placed an indelible stamp on the industry. We deeply respect the knowledge and passion that they hold. The discerning owners and operators within the horse breeding industry truly value the significance of architectural excellence. They demonstrate a commitment to maintaining extremely high standards in the exceptional care of bloodstock, so the desire for buildings that echo the esteemed reputation of their enterprise follows. With an understanding of the industry's standards and global stature, we create buildings that reflect the prestige and intellect of the horse breeding world. Read More

Office Buildings & Heritage Restoration

At Michael Bell Architects, our expertise extends to crafting timeless office buildings that seamlessly blend classic design elements with contemporary functionality. This approach ensures that each office space we design reflects sophistication, efficiency, and a touch of timeless elegance. In addition to new builds, our expertise includes reimagining heritage buildings for various commercial purposes, spanning offices to childcare centres. Our deep appreciation for heritage and classic design radiates through our meticulous approach to preserving and repurposing these buildings, ensuring their timeless charm and historical significance remain intact.
By partnering with MBA, you gain access to our comprehensive design, materials, and construction proficiency. We offer expert guidance on optimal building materials and space maximization, tailored to your project's needs. Additionally, we boast an extensive network within the industry, leveraging valuable contacts to source top-tier construction resources for your project. Collaborating with seasoned professionals, our team ensures the realization of your dream building, marrying excellence with meticulous attention to detail.

MBA's Approach to Commercial Architecture

Our approach to commercial architecture revolves around meticulous attention to detail, close collaboration with clients, and a commitment to delivering excellence. We thrive on integrating our classic design ethos with practical functionality, ensuring every space we design is not just visually appealing but also highly efficient

Crafting comfortable office spaces involves meticulous planning to ensure seamless flow and accessibility to all service areas. Our designs exude sophistication, with special emphasis placed on key areas like reception, boardrooms, and meeting spaces. Understanding the significance of first impressions, we prioritize creating impactful spaces for your clients. From assisting in selecting the finest finishes to reflecting your corporate style and interior design preferences, we ensure every detail aligns with our client's vision and standards.Our collaborative approach ensures a budget-conscious plan tailored to your needs, integrating sustainable design principles where fitting, all while preserving the essence of your project vision.

Kiama NSW Heritage Buildings and Town Planning

At Michael Bell Architects, we've embarked on measuring, drawing, and meticulously hand-colouring several cherished heritage buildings in the coastal town of Kiama. Immersing ourselves in documenting these historical treasures has been a delightful endeavour.We strongly advocate for the preservation of such invaluable national treasures that grace townships like Kiama. It's imperative not only to safeguard these buildings but also to conscientiously consider how new structures will harmonize within the existing streetscape. Regrettably, we've observed ill-conceived replacements for old buildings in prominent locations, disrupting the town's visual coherence. Our hope is to break this pattern, ensuring future buildings seamlessly complement Kiama's rich heritage rather than starkly contrast it.We're thrilled that our expertise has been sought to revitalize the old Westpac building, breathing new life into it with adaptive re-use. This exciting project aligns perfectly with our commitment to honouring heritage while embracing modern functionality. We eagerly anticipate commencing this transformative endeavour.

Future Ventures in Commercial Architecture

At MBA, we eagerly anticipate future collaborations in the realm of commercial architecture. Our aspiration is to continue infusing classic design elements into modern commercial spaces, setting new benchmarks in elegance and functionality.