Great homes. Great lifestyle. Great experiences.

Old buildings hold something that is immediately recognisable. There’s the history, and also that special feeling of comfortable living within the generous proportions, and the relationship with the land they sit on. At MBA we believe that this unique essence can be achieved in a new build today, or maintained and celebrated in a historic house renovation.
People who invest in a local heritage item are captivated by the story the building is telling. Our ideas for the future of the building are the continuity of our clients’ successful endeavour and that story. We stand at the forefront of crafting welcoming, classic homes that seamlessly embrace contemporary living and lifestyles.

We listen carefully to your requirements to ensure that your needs are met.

We are dedicated to working closely with our clients, ensuring that your vision and aspirations are realized in every detail of your home. Our commitment to collaborative and comfortable partnerships with our clients is at the heart of our approach.

Town Houses - Urban Living : Seamless, Flexible, and Refined

Many of our clients own an historic, heritage listed or classically inspired property and want better functionality, with larger, open spaces and more amenity for modern living.
We make city living easy and flexible for a range of busy lifestyles.
There is scope within our planning for staff requirements or to have a discreetly catered event.

We can maximise the potential of your property whilst enhancing the essence of its traditional design.

Country Homesteads and Rural Retreats:
Embracing the Essence of Country Living

Other clients own a farm, country estate or stud and need assistance with locating and orienting a new home and other buildings. Maximising light and views and getting the most amazing homestead, along with the best site planning possible. We understand the planning of farms and have first hand experience in farming infrastructure including water, landscaping, gardens and commercial endeavours. The homestead in a farm setting, is an oasis that must sustain a family from day to day, year to year, generation to generation.

Designing for Multigenerational Living

As children get older, they naturally spend less time with their parents in the home, and having a separate living space that is separated from the main living area, but adjacent to amenities such as swimming pool and/or tennis court, allows teenagers to entertain with their friends separate from their parents as the begin to become more independent. In addition you can future-proof your home for yourself by having a pre-planned lift well space, for a lift to be installed at a later date. Guest areas can be planned so that guests have their own space, separate to the main dwelling, which can double as a long term living area for extended family if required.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

At MBA, we believe it is vital that all living spaces open freely to outdoor areas. Having this as a default position means that internal and external space utilisation is maximised.

Innovations in Smart Home Integration

Allowing for the integration of useful technologies is a broad topic, and clients’ requirements vary widely. The challenge is to avoid expensive integration of technology that may become redundant, while at the same time making space for useful technologies. For example, we usually specify wiring for ceiling speakers, however only a small number of clients utilise these initially but may do so in the future. We believe that a centralised cabling storeroom is also important. It’s a comparatively small cost that will keep all wiring neat and accessible. We always recommend the addition of CAT 6 data cables because WiFi is not always reliable.

Navigating Council Regulations and Approvals

In the 25 years that MBA has been practising, regulations in building have become increasingly complex each year. The challenge is to avoid delays during the Council process by providing clear and concise application documentation to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. If documentation submitted is compliant and easy to comprehend, there is a much greater chance that the application will be handled efficiently by Council staff.

Sustainability  - Our Perspective

We believe that sustainability is about being efficient at every turn. Our nostalgic design ethic is based on proven ideals which are inherently beautiful and will continue to be appreciated. The details matter. Materials such as brass, copper, and stone are stable, and patina rather than decay. This is a significant distinction because it means that an object can be subjected to weathering and yet remain beautiful. How materials are connected is also important because materials change shape seasonally. When this is understood, connections between materials can be designed to look good despite the inevitable movement. This decreases the likelihood of needing to replace parts of, or indeed the entire building, in the short term.

Energy consumption starts with how the building is oriented.  A building that takes best advantage of its orientation opportunities uses the least amount of energy to heat and cool. Well-placed buildings maximise natural light and ventilation, promoting healthier living conditions. If people are healthy, they will live in, and love a building longer before making changes.

Solar power and rainwater retention are concealed technologies of most of the buildings we create. These features are discreetly integrated because we know utilitarian objects detract from the beauty we seek for our client’s homes.

Customizing Homes for Unique Family Needs

The key is flexibility. We listen carefully to understand what your specific requirements are, and we will always endeavour to find a solution that accommodates your immediate needs and will be flexible into the future as needs change. Sometimes this means not building everything now, but having a design that is ready for future expansion.

Integrating Art and Architecture

If you have an existing art collection, it is essential that the home is planned to accommodate this. We take into consideration your treasured pieces and plan the best way to display these in feature positions, keeping the safety of these assets in mind. In the past we have included a museum room within the floorplan, where our client is now able to display their many trophies and significant memorabilia. Another client had a collection of Georgian furniture. After initially designing a cabinet for him, we went on to design a whole house in Australian Georgian revival style to suit the furniture collection.